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Hunting the stone eater


8.4 km


3 h


6 places

Hirschbach and its surroundings are famous for their stone buildings made from the local granite. This stone was used to build houses, windows and door frames, gates, walls and boundary stones. On this tour you will encounter its various uses. And you will also try to track down and hunt down the stone eater that threatens these stone buildings!


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Freistad - kovárna Thurytal | Windhaag bei Freistadt - Leithenův mlýn | Pierbach - zřícenina Ruttenstein | Neumarkt - kamenné selské statky | Grïnbach - pevnostní kostel St. Michal  | Lasberg - smolné pece | Rainbach - muzeum koněspřežky | Sandl - muzeum podmalby - nemateriální kulturní dědictví 

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