Puta Svihovsky
of Ryzmberk


4.5 km


2 h


7 places

Horažďovice is located about 18 km from the towns of Sušice and Strakonice. During the summer, hundreds of boaters pass through the town and come to explore the town and its surroundings. Despite the fact that Horažďovice is a small town, it definitely has a lot to offer to tourists, both in terms of cultural and natural wealth. Mothers with children, sportsmen, but also the elderly and pensioners will find their own here. On this route we will also introduce the important local nobleman Puta Švihovský of Rýzmberk, who was behind the development of the town and in his time was one of the most powerful and richest in the Czech Kingdom. The route starts on the Loreto hill overlooking the town.


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